Types of Bullying

Bullying is not something to laugh about. It is also not just an event that you can easily stop once seen. Bullying is detrimental both to the one doing the bullying and the one being bullied. They are not normal for kids and even to adults. It is not like buying cheap website traffic wherein everything will be okay after resolving that particular incident. You have to monitor the growth of both sides of the bullying and see if their problems have been resolved. It is only through constant care and therapy can both situations be alleviated.


What Are the Types of Bullying?

Physical Bullying

This is the most common type of bullying that occurs in most schools and universities. Children who resolve to physical bullying tend to give physical hurt to students and classmates every day until the kid being bullied gives up. This is very dangerous because kids have the cleanest minds in the world. You can program it with goodness or you can program it with evil and bullying. For the one bullying, this tells himself that it is okay for someone to bully another person. It is also allowed to physically hurt someone if you are bigger and stronger than anybody else. For the person being bullied, he will always feel threatened and harmed.

Verbal Bullying

sadVerbal bullying is a kind of bullying wherein no physical hurt is present but the words being uttered toward another person hurts deep into the heart and the mind of the other person. This usually occurs in the office and schools as well. Our website visitors can attest to the fact that most people are not aware that they are being a bully to someone else. He may just say that he is just telling the truth. Unknowingly, he is already bullying his seatmate, his colleague, or even his friend.

Social Bullying

This is more difficult to recognize on the mere fact that it is covert or done in secret. Someone may be spreading rumors against another person. Some may be telling nasty jokes against other people. Even encouraging someone to exclude another person from your group is a kind of social bullying.